Syrian Expatriate artist wins a competition for choosing statue for a square in Canada

Ottawa, SANA- A new Syrian distinction abroad was achieved by the Syrian artist residing in Canada, Randa Hijazi, after she won in a competition for choosing a statue related to Lions Clubs International (LCI) organization which will be set at one of Canada’s general squares.

In a statement to SANA, Hijazi clarified that the winning design is a mixture between ideas and lines made in a distinct and streamlined way that bears much of the Syrian artistic and cultural heritage, expressing her pride of her achievement despite of her short residence period in Canada.

She said that in light of the terrorist war to which Syria has been exposed, in addition to the attempts of distorting the image of Syria and the Syrians around the world, we have to spread our culture and creativity and show the world our civilized image through the arts and other sciences, adding that she was not the only Syrian who achieved success in the expatriate as any Syrian artist is able to prove his art, creativity and distinction wherever he was.

Hijazi has presented her new artist experiment in a gallery titled Pomegranate Seed in Laval city in the Canadian province of Quebec through 13 acrylic mural paintings through them she embodied the woman’s worlds and her relation with her body, man and life.

Baraa Ali/ Mazen Eyon

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