“Hands Off Syria” initiative calls on governments to take effective stance against the so-called “Caesar’s Act”

Vienna, SANA – “Hands off Syria” initiative and “the coalition for fighting Imperialist wars” condemned the unilateral coercive Western measures and the criminal unjust blockade against the Syrian citizens.

The initiative said in a statement in Vienna that ‘tightening the siege on Syria through the implementation of the so-called “Caesar Act,” which was based on a lie and Propaganda media, contradicts with the rules of international law as well as the laws of the United Nations.

The statement denounced the aggressive war imposed on Syria by the United States and NATO countries and “allied gangs.”

It demanded an immediate halt to all forms of siege imposed on Syria and all other countries, stressing that the United States does not behave as a civilized country, but rather It was founded on violence and terrorism against everyone standing in its way.

The statement called on the peoples and governments of the world to take an effective stance against the so-called “Cease Act “Which violates international humanitarian law and stop supporting “terrorist gangs everywhere.”

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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