National vaccination days launched by Health Ministry

Damascus, SANA_ The Ministry of Health on Sunday launched the National Vaccination Days Campaign which targets all children under the age of five.

The campaign, which will last until June 18, includes giving all vaccines provided in the National Vaccine Program in addition to children who had not been given all their vaccines.

There are more than a thousand centers and 545 mobile teams in all the provinces, and 666 temporary centers were also established in some areas, while more than 8,000 health workers participate in the campaign.

In a statement to SANA on Saturday, Director of Primary Health Care Department at Health Ministry Dr. Fadi Kassis said that the campaign includes 11 vaccines that are included in the national vaccination program for children under the age of five.

He expected the campaign to reach 239,477 children who had not been vaccinated before.

According to Kassis, the Ministry will vaccinate children even in the areas where the armed men are present.

The national vaccination program was launched in 1978 and managed to eliminate tetanus in 1997 and polio in 1995, and made important progress in eliminating measles.


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