Prime Minister: Importing basic materials hasn’t stopped

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minster, Imad Khamis, affirmed that the process of importing the basic and nutritional materials has not stopped, pointing out to adopting certain procedures to overcome the obstacles of distribution in light of confronting Coronavirus.

“The process of importing medicine, oil derivatives, sugar, wheat, flour, rice and other basic substances didn’t stop, but there is an obstacle in the distribution process in light of the preventive measures taken to face corona virus,” Khamis said in a press statement.

“We have put many scenarios and plans to deal with the changes of the virus spread, with our recognition that we live in a state of war against a black terrorism,” the Prime Minister added.

He stressed that the challenges imposed by the spread of the virus in the world have turned “our priorities,” so the government has taken gradual steps to avoid any losses, like controlling borders, suspending the coming of tourist groups and verifying the condition of the coming travelers.

Khamis called on all citizens to limit movement and stay at home as much as possible.

Mazen Eyon

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