Slutsky: US undermines stability in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s International Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky said that US has proven without any doubt its destabilizing role in Syria, calling on the US to withdraw its troops from Syria.

Speaking to SANA reporter in Moscow, Slutsky said that pretexts invoked by Washington and Israeli entity for their repeated attacks on the Syrian territory are flimsy, and the Americans showed their role to undermine stability in Syria.

He voiced Russia’s continued willingness to support Syria in the fight against terrorism.

In turn, Member of the Russian Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, Alexander Brod affirmed Russia’s firm commitment to Syria’s sovereignty without any foreign interferences.

He indicated that Russia’s policy towards Syria aims to stand by it to liberate all its territory from terrorism and aggressive acts of others countries , whether those acts carried out through military aggression on the Syrian lands or through supporting the terrorists groups in it.


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