Cuban President underlines necessity of respecting Syria’s sovereignty

Havana, SANA- Participants in the International Forum “Anti-imperialist Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism” reiterated solidarity with Syria and their condemnation of the imperialist interference in its affairs, calling for immediately stopping it and respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Forum was held in the Cuban capital city of Havana with the participation of Syria.

In a speech at the closing session of the Forum, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel affirmed the necessity of respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and his rejection of the imperialist interference in its internal affairs.

The President also denounced the continued threats and pressures on the progressive national states and governments which reject to be subjugated to the international imperialism.

Díaz-Canel indicated that due to the lies, the imperialistic states imposed an embargo on Cuba, invaded Iraq, destroyed Libya and waged a war on Syria and funded that war.

Syria’s Ambassador to Cuba, Idris Mayya, for his part, affirmed in a statement delivered on behalf of the Syrian delegation that the steadfastness of the Syrian people over the years of the terrorist war launched against their country and solidarity with their army and leadership have dealt a strong blow to those conspiratorial powers, on top the international imperialism which has targeted the Syrians and worked on dividing their country.

Mayya added that the Syrian Arab Army, which is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world, is determined to continue to hunt down terrorists across Syria till eliminating them from all the Syrian territories and the withdrawal of the illegitimate foreign forces from the country.

The Ambassador indicated that the current challenges facing the leftist parties and the progressive powers in the world and the escalation of threats  imposed on the national governments  by the international imperialism entail more solidarity and cooperation, in addition to setting clear and constructive visions for facing it.

The concluding statement of the Forum called for lifting the economic siege imposed on Cuba and supporting the Cuban draft resolution which will be submitted to the UN in this regard on Nov. 7th.

The statement denounced the imperialistic interference in the affairs of the African countries and the Middle East under the pretext of fighting terrorism, affirming support to the Palestinian Cause and the right of Palestinian people in deciding their fate.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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