Seven medals for Syria on 2nd day of 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1

Beirut, SANA_ Syrian Taekwondo team has snatched seven medals ( one gold, two silvers and four bronzes) on the second day of 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1 in the cadet and junior categories.

Aya Mubarak won the gold medal, Shams Ahmed, Rand Ibrahim  earned the silver medals  and the bronze medals went to abdul Latif al-Jaraihi, Noureddine Jaidani, Moatasem al-Buka’i and Sulaf Sa’ud.

On the first day of the event, the Syrian Taekwondo team won three silver and four bronze medals in the cadet and Junior categories.


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