The two Syrian and Russian coordination committees: Syria is going ahead in efforts for return of all those displaced to their areas liberated from terrorism

Damascus, SANA- The two Syrian and Russian coordination committees concerned with the return of displaced Syrians said that the Syrian state is determined to return all displaced citizens to their liberated areas and to provide the appropriate circumstances for their return despite the continued attempts by the US side to hinder this process.

In a joint statement released on Thursday, the two committees stressed that the return of those displaced continues and increases thanks to the great efforts made by the Syrian state to ensure the appropriate circumstances to return the internally and externally displaced persons, calling on the US to abandon its non-constructive stance that hinders the return of Syrians to their homes and the restoration of normal life in Syria.

The statement said that this process could be accelerated if the funds donated by international organizations are spent on helping citizens to stabilize in their areas, instead of providing the appropriate circumstances to keep them in countries of temporary stay.

It added that the US continues to have a stance that stands against eliminating the existence of camps in the Syrian territories occupied by US forces, including the al-Hasaka Haul camp, which is witnessing an increase in humanitarian suffering.

The statement said that most of the camp’s residents are children and women from families of terrorist groups, including that of “Daesh”, adding that the younger generation in US-controlled camps are deprived of education, which makes them a target for recruiting operations in the ranks of terrorist organizations.


The statement concluded that the necessary conditions for the return to normal life in Syria are represented by the decisive victory over terrorism, the elimination of refugee camps and the complete liberation of the Syrian territories occupied by the United States.

R. Milhem

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