Defiant Syrian woman conquers disease, writes a novel on its debris

Sweida, SANA-The terrorist war waged against Syria which dragged on for about eight years and its repercussions on the country in all walks of life haven’t prevented Syrian women from excelling in different domains and proving their resilience and determination.

Fawza Hilal, 58 years from Sweida province, is a role model for the Syrian women in defying disease and all difficult circumstances which her country has passed through.

“Flower Dance…Cancer War” was the title of her first novel through which she narrates chapters of her pain and triumph over the cancer.

“This disease is not treated only through medicine, but it requires determination to overcome it,” Fawza says.

The novel talks about the consequences of Fawza’s disease and the events of the terrorist war on Syria and the patience of the Syrian women and the steadfastness of the Syrians as a whole.

Fawza noted that when she held the pen for the first time to express the pain which is suffering from, it became clear to her that whoever loves life and the homeland is able to overcome all difficulties, on top that deadly disease.

Fawza’s patience on the disease and her recovery are an incentive for her today to think of developing herself in the domain literary writing as she believes that ambition is not limited to a certain age.

Author Hussein Warour, Fawza’s husband, considered that the his wife’s strong will to fight illness and her love to the homeland were the main motivations for writing her novel.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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