Italian artists present 3D model of ancient Bel temple ceiling to Syria

Damascus, SANA- Damascus National Museum on Tuesday received a special gift endowed with an artistic touch that reflects the deep-rooted Syrian history which is a 3D model of the ceiling of the niche of the Palmyrene Bel Temple which had been destroyed at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in the year 2015.

Italian artists replicated the part of the ceiling that was produced as a gift to the National Museum.

On the occasion of receiving the model, the Antiquities and Museums General Department held a party to celebrate the arrival of that model which had been made by Italian artists under the supervision of the Society for the Meeting of Civilizations and the Italian Expedition working at Ebla archeological site.

The Temple of Bel was an ancient temple located in Palmyra, Syria. The temple, consecrated to the Mesopotamian God Bel, who was worshipped at Palmyra in a triad with the lunar god Aglibol and the solar god Yarhaboul, formed the center of religious life in Palmyra and was dedicated in 32 A.D.

The Italian artists wanted to express their support to the Syrian heritage and whoever works on protecting and preserving it through making a 3D model of the ceiling of Bel Temple.

The model was made according to 3d printing technique with a high accuracy along with adding colors and traditional materials to give it an ancient Palmyrene archeological style which is distinguished by its and its unique ornaments and wonderful  inscriptions.

Assistant Minister of Culture Tawfiq al-Imam, in a speech during the party, thanked the Italian team for the support it has provided to the Syrian archeological monuments with the aim of preserving the heritage of the country.

Al-Imam hailed the efforts exerted by the Antiquities Department and its employees, highly appreciating the sacrifices by the Syrian Arab Army which has restored many of the archeological pieces which had been stolen by terrorists.

For his part, Head of the Antiquities and Museums Department Mahmoud Hammoud referred to the moral value of the model which had been made with high techniques, adding that it reflects the loyalty of the Italian experts to the Syrian heritage and their solidarity with the Syrians in the face of the terrorist war waged against their homeland.

Hammoud added that the model toured many of the European cities and it has been displayed at the Colosseum archeological building and the FAO headquarters in Rome, and at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, in addition to showcasing it at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

He noted that the model conveys a message to the whole world on the destruction which the Syrian archeological sites went through at the hands of the Takfiri terrorists.

One of the members of the Italian expedition Marta Andrea said that she is proud over Syria’s acceptance of the gift which expresses the Italian people’s standing by Syria.

She wished security and stability will return to Syria, the cradle of civilizations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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