Putin calls for adopting political means based on respecting states sovereignty for solving crisis in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need for solving crises in the region, particularly in Syria in political means and on the basis of the international law and the principles of respecting sovereignty of states.

In a cable sent to the Arab Summit held in Tunisia, RT website quoted the Kremlin as saying Sunday that Russia stems from the principle based on the need for settling crises in the Middle East region through political and diplomatic means and on the basis of the international law and the principle of respecting sovereignty of states.

He also stressed that the aforementioned logic applies for the crisis in Syria completely, where a strong blow was directed to terrorism side by side with embanking the political process and solving the pressing humanitarian problems.

Putin pointed out that the most important conditions for stabilizing the situation in the region sustainably is settling the Arab-Israeli conflict in a way that guarantees a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

Rasha Milhem

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