Ambassador Ala underlines need for uncovering Israeli violations in the occupied Arab lands

Geneva, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Hussam el-Din Ala warned on Wednesday against the Israeli malicious attempts to exploit the situation and the latest developments in Syria and the region to consolidate the occupation of Golan in a flagrant violation of UNSC resolutions, particularly resolution No.497 for 1981.

The Syrian permanent mission at the UN in Geneva, in cooperation with the Arab Lawyers Union, organized a symposium under the title “the occupied Syrian Golan… 52 years of Israeli occupation, on the sidelines of the 40th session of the Human rights Council.

Ambassador Ala stressed the importance of this symposium in uncovering the Israeli violations in Golan, synchronizing with the US pressures practiced on member states at the Human Rights Council to cancel the 7th item of the agenda dedicated for observing the Israeli violations in the occupied Arab lands.

The Ambassador stressed that the negative vote of some states on the resolution related to the situation of human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan contradicts with their allegations on other resolutions related to the situation of the state of human rights in Syria.

Ala made a historical review of the legal situation of the Syrian Golan occupied by the Israeli enemy in 1967 and what was resulted from it in terms of displacing its Syrian residents, whose number is more than half a million, pointing out that there are some 20,000 Syrian citizens steadfast in their land and adherent to their belonging to the Arab identity in the occupied villages.

He clarified that the occupation authorities destroyed more than 500 cities, towns, villages and farms for establishing 41 settlements instead, which constitutes a war crime according the international law.

Ala also reviewed the international reactions rejecting the decision of the occupation authorities on annexing Golan in 1981 and imposing its laws on it, pointing out to Resolution No. 497 for 1981, which considered the Israeli decision as null and void, demanding the occupation authorities to undo it.

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