Unilateral, coercive measures are economic terrorism that badly affected industrial sector in Syria

Damascus, SANA-An economic real terrorism has been represented by the unilateral, coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and their abilities since the beginning of the unjust war on Syria.

Those measures have directly affected the economic sector, particularly the industrial one taking into consideration that this sector needs continuous development, modernization of infrastructure, production lines and the exportation of the final production.

The direct target by terrorists to the industrial sector during the years  of the crisis was clear through sabotaging, destroying and looting the private and public industrial facilities, particularly in the regions where terrorists were present before liberating them  by the Syrian Arab Army.

Director General of the General Establishment for cables’ industries, Abd El-Kader Qaddour told SANA that the suffering of the establishment during the years of the crisis has been embodied through the inability to import the materials that are used in the industry of the cables like the copper, aluminum, plastics and a number of machines, not to mention the difficulty in transferring the money.

For his part, director of the General Establishment for Textiles’ industries, Nidal Abd El-Fattah, said that economic sanctions badly affected the textiles sector as “we were unable to import modern machines and spare parts for the production lines,” affirming that the company resorted to substitute procedures to have their needs of materials and machines.

According to the Industry Ministry, the losses in the industrial sectors because of the terrorist acts reached nearly 4.5 billion USD.

Mazen Eyon


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