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Army foils terrorists’ attempt to sneak into military points in Hama Countryside

Hama, SANA_  An army unit has thwarted terrorist groups’ attempt to sneak into safe villages and military posts in Hama northern countryside in a new violation of the demilitarized zone agreement in Idleb.

SANA reporter in Hama said that an army unit positioned in the vicinity of Shaliot village in Merdeh northern countryside on Sunday targeted with precision fire a terrorist group linked to the so-called ‘Al-Ezza Batallions” that attempted to sneak from al-Zakat village into safe villages and military points in the area.

The army unit foiled the infiltration attempt, inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists’ ranks and destroyed their weapons while the remaining fled away.

On Saturday, the army units carried out precise operations against terrorist groups that tried to infiltrate and attack military points and safe villages and towns from the directions of Latimnah and Hasraya in Hama northern countryside.




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