Representing President al-Assad, Sweida Governor offers condolences over passing of former minister

Damascus, SANA- Representing President Bashar al-Assad, Governor of Sweida Amer Ibrahim al-Ashi on Friday offered condolences over the passing of former minister during the period of union between Syria and Egypt Jado Saeed Ezzedine, in a wake held in Samara Square in Sweida city.
The family of the deceased expressed their thanks and appreciation to President al-Assad for this kind gesture and his condolences.
People attending the wake said the deceased was a model of championing national and Arab causes, praising his honorable military record in fighting the Israeli enemy and defending the homeland.
Ezzedine passed away in Cairo a few days ago at the age of 92, and was buried there.
He was born in Radimah al-Liwa village in Sweida province. He joined the military college after the independence and joined the rescue army, where he fought in several battles against the Israeli occupation.
Ezzedine was appointed as Minister of Presidential Affairs, and then Minister of Public Works, then Minister of Local Government in the era of the United Arab Republic.
Later, he went to Egypt  following the separation between Syria and Egypt, and returned to Syria after the Correctionist Movement, and lived between Syria and Egypt until his death.
Shaza / Hazem Sabbagh

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