Falafel… A popular, famous nutritious fast food in Syria

Damascus, SANA – One of Syria’s popular dishes and a prominent street and fast food is Falafel, that’s shatteringly crisp on the outside and light, fluffy, almost crumbly on the inside, while still remaining very moist.

“Falafel patties are served with pitta, garlicky hummus, sesame-rich, lemony tahini sauce (or a little loosened labneh), with pink pickled turnips, tomatoes, cucumber and shredded red cabbage, brings together a collection of contrasting and complementary flavours, which collectively form a cohesive meal,” Hadi Arbasha, owner of a Falafel shop in al-Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus, told SANA reporter.

Arbasha said that he inherited the falafel recipe from his father who opened the first shop serving this delicious food since 1939, adding “the traditional way to make Falafel involves soaking dried chickpeas and then grinding them up, after which, they are seasoned with onion, garlic, parsley, cumin, salt, and pepper. The mixture is finally shaped into balls or patties and deep-fried until golden brown on all sides.”

He pointed out that the shop opens daily from the early morning till late night, noting that it has received a favorable response from customers who are looking for delicious fast meal at a reasonable price.



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