Cabinet approves a bunch of new procedures to market citrus

Damascus, SANA-Cabinet on Sunday approved a bunch of new procedures to market citrus inside Syria and abroad as well as  supporting its production whether in regards to  shipping or transportation.

The Cabinet, during a session led by Prime Minister Imad Khamis,  called on all ministries to expand the use of renewable energies and to encourage the private sector to use them in all fields .

It also affirmed the importance of spreading the culture of renewable energies among citizens to be in all homes, particularly in light of providing all their the requirements  of  local production.

Meanwhile, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali  Ghanem said in a press statement that 195000 families have  returned to Deir Ezor, adding that  the number of workers has reached 25000 ,while the opened schools became 257 which have 10500 teachers and serve about 92300 students.

Rana Youssef/Mazen

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