Sawa Bazar for war-injured army personnel…another story of determination

Damascus, SANA – Once again, the willpower triumphs and the deal with suffering gives the injured heroes of the Syrian Arab Army the strength to move forward and utilize their capabilities to set up their own small enterprises and establish their livelihoods.

Sawa Bazar for war-wounded army personnel relates another story of determination and steadfastness. The event, organized as part of “Made in Syria” festival currently held at al-Jalaa Sports Hall in Damascus, constitutes an encouraging profit-making opportunity since it aims at marketing products made by the injured personnel of the Syrian army and provide moral and material support to them.

The Bazar showcases handicrafts, artistic items and food products.

It’s worth mentioning that Sawa Center, founded in 2014, offers free, integrated treatment services including physical therapy and continued monitoring of the injured army members, in addition to providing prosthetics for more than 600 civilians and soldiers.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun

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