Sabbagh says relation between People’s Assembly and Cabinet complementary

Damascus, SANA – People’s Assembly on Sunday held its first session of the eighth ordinary round for the second legislative term chaired by Hammoudeh Sabbagh, Speaker of the Assembly, with Prime Minister Imad khamis and a number of ministers in attendance.

The Parliament Speaker said that relation between People’s Assembly and the Cabinet is complementary as they share the same goal, which is following up on the services offered to citizens and their living conditions.

Sabbagh pointed out that the local councils’ elections, which have been held recently, reflected the vitality of the Syria though the high turnout and participation in terms of candidacy and electorate.

He expressed hope that this round would be full of work, achievement and the enactment of laws and legislations that would be up to people’s aspirations.

In their inquiries, the MPs stressed on the need to improve the living standards of citizens and to take a firmer line against corruption, calling for the establishment of competent courts to consider cases of terrorism in the provinces to ease the burden of the Court of Terrorism in Damascus.

They also asked about the measures taken by the government to open the Nassib border crossing and the Syrian-Jordanian free zone, calling for adjusting the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the USD.

In his response, Prime Minister Imad Khamis affirmed that the government is working with quality efforts to provide the basic services for citizens.

He pointed out that 15 development projects at a cost of SYP 48 billion will be opened in the coming weeks and there are 32 projects under a contract worth SYP 28 billion.

He added that the implemented or ongoing projects by the government are in various domains including development, construction, industrial and agricultural.

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