Russian MoD reiterates stance on holding Israel fully responsible for downing IL-20 in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian Ministry of Defense reiterated that “Israel” is fully responsible for downing the Russian IL-20 aircraft off Syrian coast last Monday.

Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a press conference on Sunday that the “Israeli” air force is fully responsible for the crash of Russian IL-20 aircraft in Syria.

Konashenkov indicated that the Israeli warplanes used the Russian IL-20 as a “shield” against Syrian air defenses.

Konashenkov elaborated that an Israeli plane maneuvered toward approaching IL-20 which was considered as another attack by Syrian air defense systems.

He indicated that the behavior of “Israeli” pilots reflect their criminal negligence and their unprofessionalism.

“Thus, the Israeli jets created a direct threat to any passenger or transport aircraft that could have been there at that time and could have become victims of the adventurism of the Israeli military,” Konashenkov added.

Ruaa Jazaeri

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