Presidents al-Assad and Bibilov affirm importance of launching bilateral relations between Syria and South Ossetia

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov who is on a three-day visit to Syria.

The two presidents held an expanded session of talks in the presence of the two official delegations during which talks concentrated on the importance given by the two sides to launch bilateral relations between Syrian Arab republic and South Ossetia Republic in all fields in the interests of both countries and friendly peoples.

The two sides considered that the treaty of friendship and cooperation between the two states and other agreements that will be signed during this visit are a good basis to reach the aspired-for level of relations.

President Bibilov expressed his appreciation for Syria’s stance in support of South Ossetia independence, affirming his country’s solidarity and standing by Syria which has passed through difficult circumstances and lived a state of war because of terrorism.

He was confident that boosting relations between the two states would be very useful for the two peoples and also for enhancing peace in the whole world.

President al-Assad, for his part, thanked President Bibilov for his country’s support to Syrian people in their defense against terrorism and the states that support it.

The President indicated that the visit and the stance of South Ossetia in support of Syria to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity affirms correctness of Syrian approach towards courtiers of the Orient that respect the principles of the international law contrary to the majority of the West which knows nothing but the policy of dictates.

At the end of the expanded talks, the two presidents signed the treaty of friendship and cooperation between the two states.

Earlier, an official reception ceremony was held for President Bibilov upon his arrival at the People’s Palace where he was received by President al-Assad. Then the two national anthems of Syria and South Ossetia were played.

The two presidents reviewed guards of honor then they shook hands with members of the two delegations.

Mazen Eyon

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