DPRK commemorates 24th anniversary of President Kim Il-sung passing away

Damascus, SANA- Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) commemorates the 24th anniversary of the passing away of President Kim Il-sung, who established the modern DPRK, the Korean People’s Army, and who fought against colonization.

The late President Il-Sung built the first democratic popular state in the East in 1948, laid its socialist bases and led it towards achieving economic, military and scientific renaissance as it was able to reach self-sufficiency.

Achieving the unity of the Korean people had remained the main goal of the long struggle of President Kim Il-Sung.

He significantly contributed to helping the national liberation movements in all parts of the world, in addition to enhancing the progress of his country despite of the international imperialistic attack against it.

The late President also contributed to developing and strengthening the process of socialism in the world and to backing the Non-Aligned Movement and laying the basis of international peace and friendship among peoples.

During the Korean Liberation War in 1950, he invented military tactics that enabled him to achieve victory and he engaged in a fierce war with the US since the fifties of the past century that was accompanied with a political and intellectual conflict between socialism and imperialism.

President Il-Sung succeeded in the fierce war with the US and he was able to avoid its provocations. He  forced the US to sign a document in it which it apologized for its spying acts against his country, pledging not to repeat that.

The late President gained the respect of the Koreans and all the peoples of the world due to what he added to the humanitarian and economic intellect.

President Il-sung was also able to build a defensive basis for the DPRK and he notably developed the Korean People’s Army to become a fort that defends the country, and he also worked on establishing the Socialism in a way that allowed the country to achieve a significant progress.

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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