General Company for Grain Silos carries out several investment projects with appropriations exceeding SYP 231 million

Damascus, SANA – A report by the General Company for Grain Silos revealed that it has carried out a number of investment projects including a project of establishing new silos in cooperation with Iran as which was related to the machines and equipment with an appropriation of SYP 75 million.

The second project aimed to expand the silos as it covered the domain of buildings and facilities, in addition to preparing a study on establishing two silos (Ma’ardes in Hama northern province and Tal Baidar in the northeastern province of Hasaka) through signing a contract with the General Company for Studies.

The first stage of the project was performed, while important amendments were added to the second stage, and studies are underway for establishing the two silos based on the new amendments. The appropriation of the project was estimated at SYP 40 million.

The third project covered the works of restoration and replacement as it included  the buildings and facilities. A contract was signed with the Military Housing Establishment to replace the old metal cover of the upper hangar of al-Sbeineh silo with a new one.

SYP 31 millions have been paid of the contract’s total value according to the emergency plan of the current year.

Work is also underway to implement a contract on fixing the holes in the walls of al-Sbeineh silo caused by mortar shells as SYP 994 thousands of the contract’s value were paid according to the emergency plan of the current year. The appropriation of the project is estimated at SYP 10 million.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri / Ghossoun

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