Enhanced healthcare services provided to makeshift centers

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Damascus countryside governorate has provided varied health services to the residents of the makeshift centers of Damascus Countryside, says Yassin Nanous, Head of the Health Directorate in Damascus Countryside.

In a press statement to SANA, Nanous said that the Directorate is providing all primary healthcare services, including vaccinations to about 8,000 children, adding that a polio vaccination campaign targeting more than 12,000 children and another measles campaign targetting about 7,500 children in the centers were launched.

More than 3200 persons have been treated by the medical team in Saqba and Kafar Batna in the past seven days, Nanous said, adding that an integrated medical team is positioned in the two towns to provide treatment and vaccines in addition to a health center, an ambulance, a mobile clinic and a fixed medical point.

He added that Harasta area was equipped by a mobile medical team, noting that work is underway to rehabilitate the health center of Saqba which is set to resume its services within a week.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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