Sabbagh: Allegations of using chemical weapons in Syria always coincides with Army victories over terrorism

Damascus, SANA-Syrian Arab Republic warned that the terrorist organizations will resort to the use of poisonous chemical weapons against Syrian civilians to fabricate accusations against the Syrian government and give pretexts to the US and other states that support terrorists to launch a new aggression on Syria territories.

“Syria has confidential information that states which sponsor those terrorist organizations will exploit the convening of the executive Council of The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical (OPCW) to do that action,” Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh said in a statement before the 87th session of the Executive Council of OPCW.

The Syrian Ambassador to the UN in Vienna added that campaigns of lies and fabrications about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government always coincides with its political and military achievements, in a US bid to stop the collapse of the terrorists.

Sabbagh affirmed that Syria has been committed to inform the OPCW, in a continuous and daily from, of information about operations of transforming and smuggling poisonous, chemical materials and barrels of chlorine to the terrorist organizations in Syria through Turkey.

He reiterated that Syria condemns any use of chemical weapon by any one, in any place and under any circumstance, adding that Syria considers such use as a violation of all international laws and conventions.






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