Mikdad:  Victory over terrorism can only be achieved by respecting states’ independence and sovereignty and coordinating with their governments

Beirut, SANA  Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed that terrorism was, is, and always will be the enemy of humanity, civilization, and values, wondering at how those who have been financing, arming, sponsoring and supporting terrorism openly now claim that they will combat it.

In an article published Saturday at the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper, Mikdad reiterated that victory over terrorism cannot succeed without respecting the independence and sovereignty of states and coordination with their governments.

“Otherwise,  any  unilateral military activities by any alliance will be an aggression on Iraq and Syria,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

He added that exploiting the issue of terrorism to establish alliances which have nothing to do with combating terrorism but rather have geopolitical purposes will not succeed.

Mikdad underlined that launching a war on Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) terrorist organization can’t be achieved but through a close coordination with the governments of Syria and Iraq, asserting that “it is neither logical nor convincing to say that fighting this terrorist organization can be done through providing arms to armed groups in Syria.”

He clarified that Syria has been fighting these terrorist organizations for a long time, and that it often called upon all the countries in the world to partake in combating terrorism.

Mikdad said that the kingdom of Al Saud is responsible for leading the terrorist war on Syria, adding “we’re not very surprised that [Saudi Arabia] continues to dance with the devil to reach its goals; the meeting in Jeddah held on Thursday is a mere ploy to cover up the Saudi involvement in the US-backed terrorism,” adding that Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for creating Al Qaeda and its offshoots in Syria, can no longer control the genie it let out of the bottle.

He asserted that for over three years, governments of Arab Gulf states spent billions of dollars on terrorist groups in Syria, while Turkey and other neighboring countries delivered arms and funds to terrorism, and now these states gather under the banner of the U.S. to claim that they’re going to fight ISIS, with Saudi Arabia announcing that it will train Syrian terrorists within its borders.

Mikdad asserted that countries like France, Britain, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Qatar supported terrorists, armed groups, and murderers in Syria, which is what led to the current situation in the region.

He stressed that the most important issue in combating terrorism in the Middle East is fighting the Israeli factor, which is the base of terrorism in the region, pointing out that the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza Strips claimed thousands of innocent lives, constituting the largest terrorist act in the region.

The Deputy Foreign Minister concluded his article by saying that if the international will agrees with the Syrian will away from foreign interferences and self-serving and malicious agendas, the hope of the Syrians to restore security and stability to the country will be achieved.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun / Hazem

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