General Director of Ifta: Syria will never abandon Palestinian cause

Tehran, SANA – General Director of Ifta (act of issuing fatwa -legal opinion- in Islamic law) at the Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) warned that “the fires of terrorism” will spread widely “if we don’t work together to put out” them as terrorism is already sweeping Syria and Iraq.

Sheikh Alaa-Eddin al-Zaatari was speaking on behalf of Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badr- Eddin Hassoun in a speech addressing the International Conference of Islamic World Scholars in Defense of Palestinian Resistance.

The international and regional military and political institutions started to acknowledge what we have been saying in Syria about the danger of terrorism,” he told the Conference.

We stress our responsibility as Muslim scholars not to be carried away by those who are stirring conflicts in the region on sectarian or racial bases… and warn against the danger of taking heed to seditions, he added.

Zaatari called upon Muslim scholars to spare no effort for supporting the resistance against the Israeli occupation forces in Palestine, expressing pride in the bravery, steadfastness and sacrifices” of the Palestinian resistance movements and their members, which he described as “an honor for the Nation.”

He highlighted the fact that despite the current crisis in Syria, the Syrian people and leadership have not abandoned the Palestinian Cause which will to be the central cause of Arabs and Muslims, referring to what President Bashar al-Assad said in his oath-taking speech that Palestine remains the central issue based on Syria’s firmly- established national principles as well as the facts on the ground, particularly in terms of the connection between what is taking place in Syria and the events in Palestine.

Zaatari called upon the Palestinians to unify their ranks to boost the military victory achieved in Gaza Strip in the latest 51-day Israeli aggression where more than 2000 Palestinians were killed, with a political victory by unifying a strategic vision to confront the Israeli enemy.

The Conference, which kicked off in the Iranian Capital of Tehran on Tuesday, aims at supporting the resistance in the occupied Palestine and the people of Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip. 200 Muslim scholars, academic figures and politicians representing 35 states from all over the world are participating in the conference, which wraps up today.

Rasha Milhem/ Haifa Said


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