16 villages between Hama northeastern countryside and Aleppo southern countryside regained 

Aleppo, Hama, SANA- Units of Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the allied forces, on Friday tightened control over 16 villages and towns in the area between Hama northeastern countryside and Aleppo southern countryside.
SANA’s reporter said that the army units continued advance in the pocket where Daesh (ISIS) terrorists are positioned in the area between Aleppo southern countryside and Hama northeastern countryside, seizing control of villages and towns of Irtwaziet Mikhlaf, Mikhlaf, Rasm Jeb al-Himlan, Jeb al-Jimlan, Ein al-Na’jeh, Rasm al-Dab’e, Ma’r Shimali, Ma’r Janoubi, Koreij, Tel Shwieh, Rasm al-Sabl, Abu Ajweh Sharqi, Tibaret al-Jareera, al-Mweileh, and Abu Ajweh Gharbi.
A number of Daesh terrorists were killed as their weapons and vehicles were destroyed due to the fierce clashes with the army units which resulted in seizing the control of the mentioned towns and villages.
The army engineering units are dismantling IEDs and mines planted by the terrorists in the liberated villages.
Shaza/ Ghossoun

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