Al-Quds Solidarity Forum rejects doing harm to Holy City, considers Trump’s decision null & void

Damascus, SANA – Participants in Jerusalem Solidarity Forum affirmed the Palestinian Arab people’s right to their homeland with al-Quds (Jerusalem), as its capital, rejecting all attempts of doing harm to the Holy City and all its Islamic and Christian sanctities.

The Participants in the Forum entitled “ al-Quds, the Eternal Capital of Palestine” considered the decision of the US President regarding the Holy City as “null and void.”

They also rejected all the measures and resolutions taken by the Zionist entity, being illegal and representing a major crime against the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nations.

The participants also voiced the resilience of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and all over Palestine, urging for providing all efforts possible to support and back this blessed uprising.

The Forum called upon the Arab and Islamic nations to support the Resistance, lauding its victories against the colonist reactionary axis thanks to the resilience of the Syrian leadership and army.

The participants called for setting a comprehensive strategy by the Resistance axis for confronting the conspiracy hatched against Syria and the whole region.

Endowment Minister Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said in a speech during the Forum that no one can deny that al-Quds is the Capital of Palestine, which is mentioned in history and that is confirmed also in all the heavenly religions.

The Forum was organized by Ministry of Endowments in cooperation with NGO’s.

R. Milhem/Ghossoun

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