Palmyra city in spotlight of visual documentation of Syria’s archeological sites project

Daraa, SANA – Ten years have passed since the visual documentation of Syria’s archaeological sites project was first launched and the voluntary work team have completed the documentation of 70 heritage and historical sites since then.

Up to 15,000 digital photos have been collected with the aim of documenting Syria’s rich cultural heritage and civilization.

This year, the work team sets sights on the ancient city of Palmyra with its rich history and through 1000 digital photos taken by young volunteers’ cameras, the massive destruction of its famous archaeological monuments, museums and temples perpetrated by Daesh terrorists has been documented.

The team has also created 2018 monthly calendar including photos and details about Palmyra, 12 ancient Palmyrene Aramaic texts with their Arabic and English translations and hints about social life in the city.

Head of the team, Issa al-Muhanna, said that the project has evolved from taking photos and collecting information and facts to include ancient words, translated inscriptions, folk tales and songs.

The documentation project was launched by 4 adults from Daraa and Sweida provinces in 2008. It was expanded during the war on Syria to document sites that were vandalized and looted by terrorist organizations.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun

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