Russia: US pretexts to maintain its military presence in Syria groundless

Moscow, SANA – Russia’s Foreign Ministry stressed that US military presence in al-Tanf area is “unacceptable” and its attempts to justify deployment of American troops in Syria under pretexts of fighting terrorists “lack credibility”.

The Russian Foreign ministry said in statement on Thursday that the US attempts to justify the use of military measures “against sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Syria were unacceptable, adding that Washington’s claims that their troops are allegedly in Syria to fight terrorists are unconvincing and do not stand up to criticism.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry called for lifting constraints imposed on aid delivery to displaced Syrians in the region, adding that Russia has “welcomed the recent aid delivery to the people in Rukban refugee camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border, but stressed that Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity had to be respected when such deliveries are made.”

The ministry said that the camp is located within an area of 55 km including al-Tanf town which is controlled by the US troops, adding that US bases in this area continue to train Syrian militants while the area remains completely closed to international humanitarian convoys.

The ministry demanded to remove all obstacles hindering the delivery of food and medical assistance materials and increase the transparency of humanitarian operations, considering that US armed forces hold full responsibility for the situation an al-Tanf area.

Shaza/ Rasha Raslan

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