Minister Haidar: We work with Russian coordination center in Hmeimem as one team to boost local reconciliations 

Damascus, SANA- State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar underlined Monday that work is underway, in cooperation with Hmeimim –based Russian Coordination Center as one team, to boost local reconciliations all over Syrian territories.

Haidar, meeting members of local reconciliation committees in the villages and towns of southern and southeastern areas of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside in the presence of General Victor Bankov from the Coordination center, hailed the Russian support for the Syrian people on various levels to end the crisis and confront the war which has been launched on the country.

He went on to say that the Ministry will spare no effort to alleviate the suffering of the displaced locals and secure their return to their villages in Eastern Ghouta where the Syrian Arab Army has restored security and liberated them from terrorists, affirming that the Syrian State resolution is clear and frank regarding the return of the locals to all their areas through local reconciliation projects.

The Minister revealed that the return of locals to a number of villages in the surroundings of Damascus would be soon announced.

The Russian Major General, for his part, said that following the elimination of the majority of armed groups in Syria, the Syrian army’s main task now is the return of families to their villages.

In a press statement following the meeting, Haidar said that the Syrian State’s attitude is clear and decisive in going ahead towards ending the crisis by all means in all areas where armed groups are present, whether through a military act or through local reconciliations to secure the return of families to these areas.

He concluded by saying that the Syrian state is committed to provide all basic needs to its citizens in the areas where terrorist organizations are existed, adding that the basic problem in the non-arrival of humanitarian aids to some areas is that the armed groups seize these aids.



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