Damascus Research Center discusses US relentless attempt to legalize its military presence in Syria

Damascus, SANA-Damascus Center for Research and Studies discussed the US intervention in Syria and Washington’s relentless attempt to legalize its military presence.

The discussion came within a worksheet published by the Center under the title of “Operations of the International Coalition in Syria Crimes above the Law.”

The worksheet presented by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tuzan, pointed to the importance of confronting the attempts to legitimize the US military presence in Syria not only by the Syrians, but also by all the candidate countries to become targets of American intervention, pointing out that the best way to confront this coalition is by shedding light on the violations committed by the US coalition on Syrian soil.

The US-led coalition has committed dozens of massacres against civilians in Syria by targeting residential neighborhoods in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

Since the beginning of its operations three years ago, the coalition ignored the centers of Daesh as its aircrafts have contributed more than once to evacuate the elements of the organization.


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