“Duality of Art from Aleppo”Exhibition reflects hope for better future

Damascus, SANA – Dusting off war time tragedies with their strong will, faith and adherence to Syria’s cultural identity and homeland, the “Duality of art from Aleppo” exhibition aims at giving hope for a better future.

Plastic artists Basheer and Neamat Badawi were keen to achieve harmony through color, theme, the oriental spirit and the authentic touch of icons despite the use of different techniques and tools. Visitors can feel hope and optimism in the children’s eyes promising a future of immeasurable good.

Touring the exhibition, Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban, expressed pleasure to be there, adding that the two brother succeeded in reflecting the originality and deep-rooted culture of the Syrian people though their artworks using old unwanted wood and war debris.

Shaaban referred to the strength, determination and optimism she has witnessed in their artworks, adding that the Syrian people’s love and adherence to the homeland is the secret of Syria’s ever-lasting steadfastness.

She extended gratitude to brothers Badawi for their efforts to maintain the Syrian cultural identity despite the terrorist war and its devastating consequences on Aleppo city, as well as Alef Noon Gallery and plastic artist Badei’ Jahjah for hosting creative works of Aleppo artists in the war years.

In a statement to SANA, Basheer talked about the terrorist war which greatly affected every aspect of life but it could not change their ideas or optimistic perspective on life, indicating that he used earth colors, particularly the brow, yellow and honey-colored tones and oil paints to ensure harmony with wooden materials.

He added that the themes varied between woman and children, including an oil painting portrait of Fairouz, drawn on wooden pieces which date back to more than 50 years.

For his part, Neamat views art as a way to shed light on his inner world and special authentic touch through using metal objects.

Brothers Badawi noted that they are preparing to rehabilitate a 700 sq. m. dome of a church in Aleppo city in addition to the restoration of ancient paintings and icons.

Director of Alef Noon Gallery, artist Jahajh said that the exhibition stems its importance from the memories it narrates, adding that such exhibitions document love in different way and provide a window on the Syrian civilization, culture and social textile.

Brothers Basheer (born in 1960)and Neamat (born in1963) held several solo and joint exhibitions inside Syria and abroad.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun


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