Emergency Medicine in Syria is promising sector though lack in cadres

Damascus, SANA- Nearly a thousand emergency cases are received by National Hospital of Damascus on daily basis as emergency medicine in Syria offers promising services in spite of the lack in medical cadres and the conditions to which the country has passed through.

The Association of Emergency Medicine is currently working to encourage the emergency service culture and first aid procedure in the workplace and at home through the training of local community cadres and doctors from various fields of medicine to cover the lack of specialists.

Deputy Director of Emergency Department and Medicine Specialist, Dr Jamal Abu Qaraa said that the hospital managed to meet the different needs well, but the required level of service was not achieved because of the shortage of staff.

Dr Abu Qaraa stressed the need to support the field of emergency medicine with training and material and solidary incentives to maintain the hospital’s staff.

The hospital is preparing new emergency department that will be the first of its kind locally due to the existence of four entrances to sort out the injuries as soon as they arrive in the hospital.


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