Second phase of Syrian Science Olympiad competitions kicks off

Damascus, SANA – The second stage of the Syrian Science Olympiad’s competitions in the subjects of math, physics, chemistry, IT and biology started on Sunday with the participation of 23.817 thousand students from the first secondary grade.

Competitions of the Olympiad are held in a hierarchical way, and the top five students in each scientific subject will qualify for the finals of the third stage on the level of the province to be held on November 26th.

The top five students in the competitions of the third stage will qualify for the finals which will be held on the level of Syria.

Head of the National Commission for the Syrian Science Olympiad Imad al-Azab said that more than 54,000 students have participated in this season of the Olympiad competitions.

The tests of the new season competitions were launched at the level of schools on October 29 and lasted for five days with the participation 54.427 thousand students from all provinces, with an increase of 5.262 thousand students from last year.

Syria has earned 18 achievements through participation in international and continental Olympiads, including medals and certificates of appreciation.

For many years Syria has been trying to steer youth towards education and scientific activities. This aspiration was accomplished by way of new techniques aimed at attracting and catching youth attention. Thus, scientific competitions were considered to meet that end.

The principal objective of those contests was to form a team of young people who show excellence in the scientific field. Those youngsters will play role models for all the Syrian youth and have to be engaged in scientific activities that will motivate them to be high achievers in science.

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