6th edition of Phoenix Theatre Festival wraps up activities

Tartous, SANA- The 6th edition of Phoenix Theatre Festival concluded activities on Sunday on the corniche in the coastal city of Tartous.

A play was performed by the Phoenix troupe at the end of the six-day festival.

The play talks about a group of people who die in a car accident and then “return back to life” to face various difficulties each according to his situation as they finally discover the advantages of the hereafter and how life is full of dishonest people.

The closing of the festival also included a sketch dubbed “O Virgin Mary ” and another play shedding light on the discussions of a number of young men at a café on the Syrian-Turkish borders who are trying to find a way to return to the homeland after they fled the terrorists’ acts.

On the opening day which was on Tuesday included performing a play which reviewed the stages of a national program carried out by the troupe since early 2014 to keep track of and document the cases of the army members from Tartous province who were martyred while performing their national duty of defending the homeland against the terrorist organizations.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri /Haifa said


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