Russian Mission to UN: Report on using chemical weapon in Syria flimsy

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Mission to the UN affirmed that the report of the international investigation committee on using chemical weapon in Syria is flimsy and based on predictions and selection of facts.

Novosti Agency quoted the Mission as saying in a statement that if the report is not studied carefully, and it can’t be taken seriously as “it seems that it has been prepared by a group of amateurs.”

“Russian experts questioned the credibility of the evidence which absolves armed organizations from the charge of using chemical weapons in Um Housh town in the northern countryside of Aleppo,” the statement added.

It noted that the report only holds ISIS terrorists responsible for the attack under the pretext that these organizations which were in the area hadn’t been involved in using mustard gas and they haven’t been convicted of that before.

The statement considered that the report’s treatment of the incident of Khan Sheikhoun in Idleb Countryside is not different from what has been said about the chemical incident of Um Housh, as the report is also based on flimsy assertions built on material evidence collected by the opposition and on testimonies of institutions and independent and secret experts.

R. Jazaeri / Hazem Sabbagh

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