Restoration works of Palmyra’s famous ancient statue of Lion of Allat completed

Damascus, SANA -The National Museum of Damascus hosted a special festivity crowning long time of hard working and successful efforts to protect the Syrian archaeological ruins and heritage from the terrorist war waged on the country.

Palmyra’s famous ancient statue of Lion of Allat was fully restored and showcased in the garden of the National Museum as an eyewitness on Syria’s deep-rooted ancient history and steadfastness.

The restoration works were carried out by General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, in cooperation with the Polish experts and archaeologists, the UNESCO and other international organizations within the framework of a strategic plan to restore all ancient artifacts and preserve the Syrian civilization and heritage.

The 2000-year-old statue of Lion of Allat was first discovered in 1977. It was eventually reconstructed by archaeologists Bortosz Markowski and Robert Zukowski in 2005 when it was moved from the archaeological site and placed on a plinth outside the National Museum in Palmyra. In July 2015, the statue was bulldozed and smashed by the ISIS terrorists.


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