Syrian doctor removes teratoma weighing 25 kg from patient’s abdomen

Lattakia, SANA – Syrian gastrointestinal surgery and endoscopy specialist Dr. Fadi Sleiman Noah succeeded in removing a teratoma weighing 25 kilograms from the abdomen of a 37 year-old woman.

Dr. Noah told SANA that the patient was suffering from increased weight in the abdominal area and obesity, and with time she began to suffer discomfort in the abdominal area that caused sleep deprivation and forced her to stop her university study.

Upon examination, Dr. Noah requested an ultrasound, which uncovered a large mass occupying the abdominal cavity, so he conducted a surgery at Al-Othman Hospital in Lattakia.

teratoma 2

He said the mass was a teratoma, which is a non-cancerous tumor consisting of tissue and components from various types of body cells, was removed succesfull without damaging the patient’s uterus, but the appendix and the gallbladder were removed to avoid future complications.

Dr. Noah explained that the teratoma is formed during the fetal stage of development, and is often discovered at a much earlier stage, but in this case it was in the abdominal cavity where its expansion covered up the tumor presence.

He said that the patient recovered well, staying only two days in the hospital after the surgery, and now she is back to her normal life and is functioning normally.

Hazem Sabbagh

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