Army establishes control over al-Dolei’yat area, kills ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor

Provinces, SANA – Army units in cooperation with allies on Monday continued military operations in the depth of al-Badyia area from the third station for pumping oil towards the second station, establishing control over al-Dolei’yat area on the outskirts of al-Humeima area on the administrative borders of Deir Ezzor Province with Homs.

A military source told SANA that big numbers of ISIS terrorists were killed and their weapons were destroyed during the operation, adding that Army’s engineering units defused mines and explosives planted by the terrorists in the area.

A military source said later that army units, in cooperation with its allies, re-established control over an area extending 3 km north of the Third Station east of Dahr Abah, and continued pursuing ISIS terrorists in al-Badiya desert southeast of Palmyra, adding that the operation inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and arms.

The Syrian Air Force also carried out a series of airstrikes targeting ISIS fortifications and supply routes in the province.

Army units  carried out intense strikes on ISIS positions and movement axes in the vicinity of al-Maqaber and al-Panorama
areas, the Regiment 137 and in al-Rashdiyeh neighborhood in Deir Ezzor and its surroundings.

A military source told SANA that the army strikes left 18 ISIS terrorists dead and destroyed an armored vehicle and two other vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

SANA reporter said that the Syrian Air Force’ airstrikes destroyed ISIS gatherings and fortified positions in al-Thardeh Valey and the
neighborhoods of al-Howeiqa and al-Rashdiyeh and in the villages of al-Hosseiniyeh, al-Shola and Ma’dan and in the city of al-Muhassan in the province.

Army units, aided by the air force and the artillery, clashed with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups which attacked military posts on the direction of Beir al-Kassab and Rajem al-Sarikhi in the southeastern part of Damascus countryside.

The army foiled the terrorists’ attack, after killing a number of
them and destroying 5 heavy machineguns-equipped vehicles, two trucks, a rocket launcher, an anti-tank rocket launcher pad and a mortar cannon belong to them.

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