People’s Assembly discusses performance of Education Ministry

Damascus, SANA – The performance of the Education Ministry was the focus of the People’s Assembly’s 14th session for the third ordinary round of the 2nd legislative term, headed by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas.

Members of the Assembly stressed the importance of developing the educational process and setting up a strategy to build well-qualified generations.

They questioned the Ministry’s role in regard to the unacceptable increase in the private schools’ fees and the measures taken to put an end to the phenomenon of school dropout, the widespread of unlicensed and licensed private institutes as well as the situation of students and schools in the areas where the Syrian army restored security and stability to.

Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz said that the continuity of educational process and the opening of schools convey a message that Syria will remain steadfast, underlining the importance of building humans amid the challenges resulted from the current crisis.

He highlighted the Ministry’s efforts to provide necessary requirements to improve the educational process, compensate the educational loss, develop the curricula and rehabilitate schools.

The Minister added that the Ministry has made big strides in cooperation with the governmental bodies to rehabilitate schools in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, in addition to setting up a plan to rehabilitate more 50 schools, noting that 100 schools will be ready to receive students by the beginning of the next school year.

Regarding the improvement of curricula, he stated that new curricula will be developed within the next three years, stressing the need to reconsider the national standards on which the previous ones were based. Moreover, teachers will be trained to be able to convey the information to students in an easy way.

At the opening of the session, Abbas extended gratitude and appreciation to those pioneering figures who led the 8 March Revolution in order to get rid of dependency.

She also underlined the role of the Syrian woman who stood side by side with men to build society and bring up noble generations who are ready to sacrifice their souls for the sake of the homeland.



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