Ministers inspect al-Sheikh Najjar industrial city, check up on families evacuated from Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods

Aleppo, SANA – Interior Minister Mohammad al-Sha’ar and Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf inspect the state of the industrial city in al-Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo, witnessing the scale of the destruction caused by terrorists in it.

The two Ministers, accompanied by Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab, visited a number of industrial facilities that have resumed production operations, and these facilities’ owners talked to them about the work conditions and the difficulties they face.

Al-Sha’ar and Makhlouf met with industrialists and the administration of the industrial city, with al-Sha’ar saying that this visits seeks to witness firsthand the situation in the industrial city in order to take all necessary measures to restore its luster, noting that the Interior Ministry has taken a number of immediate steps to boost security in the area.


Meanwhile, Makhlouf voiced commitment to providing the needs of the industrial city, asserting that one of the government’s priorities is ensuring that the largest possible number of industrial facilities are operating, and that rehabilitating infrastructure is a pressing concern, adding that efforts are underway to provide the industrial city’s needs in terms of electricity, water, fuel, and utilities.

In turn, Governor Diab affirmed commitment to overcoming difficulties affecting the work of the industrial city and to providing the necessary support to industrialists so that production is maintained.

For his part, the industrial city’s manager Hazem Ajjan said that there are currently 327 operational production plants in the city working at various production capacities, and that there are 432 facilities that need slight maintenance and some equipment to resume operations, while there are 187 facilities that were destroyed by terrorists.


Later, Ministers al-Sha’ar and Makhlouf and Governor Diab visited Jabrin makeshift housing center to check up on the families that exited the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo recently, listening to the citizens’ stories about their suffering at the hands of terrorists who deprived them of the bare necessities and kept them trapped within the eastern neighborhoods.

The two Ministers affirmed that the government cares for all citizens and is committed to providing the needs of displaced families, noting that Aleppo Governorate is looking after the families and providing their needs with the assistance of the Higher Committee for Relief.

Aal-Sha’ar, Makhlouf and Diab also inspected the maintenance work being conducted on al-Castello road which leads to the industrial city.

Hazem Sabbagh

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