Dean of Medicine Faculty: disregard for preventive measures increased Corona infections

Damascus, SANA- The negligence of individual protection measures and health instructions related to tackling the novel Coronavirus, and lack of sufficient awareness led to more infections during the current period, according to Dr. Nubogh al-Awwa, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University.

Dr. al-Awwa confirms in a statement to SANA that the newly recorded infections in Syria showed the presence of new symptoms that are different from those recorded during the past wave, which are high fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, as they began to appear with a lack of sense of smell, sudden taste, digestive pain, diarrhea, rash and joint pain that occurs After practicing hard exercises.

He warned that neglecting these symptoms and not seeking medical advice will lead to the development of the disease to dangerous stages that require admission to the hospital.

Among the observations that were also recorded at hospitals, according to Dr. al-Awwa, that the incubation period for the virus has become shorter, as symptoms began to appear on the infected person five or six days after infection, unlike the previous period in which the incubation period was 12 or 15 days, and this indicates that the virus has become fiercer.

Dr. Al-Awa pointed out that the patient’s response to recovery depends on the strength of his immunity and the ability of his body to resist the virus, as there has been no successful treatment for the virus so far, which is limited to quarantine, antipyretics, and immune-enhancing vitamins such as vitamin C, D, and zinc.

Dr. Al-Awa pointed out that the most important means of prevention are personal hygiene, continuous washing of hands, social distancing, avoiding gatherings, and putting a medical mask while in crowded places, public transportation and markets, in addition to eating healthy food, and multiplying fruits and vegetables.

He added that “the continued recording of advanced infections at this pace will lead to a major problem during the coming period,” stressing that awareness is the basis for helping the health sector, which makes huge efforts around the clock and its medical cadres are fighting a major battle with this epidemic.”

Dr. al-Awwa pointed out that the citizens’ commitment to the preventive measures will make the medical cadres perform better and enable them to provide medical services to those in need optimally.

He noted that the return to a complete lockdown as a measure to limit the spread of the virus will not benefit anymore because the virus has spread and this is what happened in all countries of the world, in addition to the fact that economic and living conditions do not allow for a complete lockdown and closure in the country, especially in light of the siege and unilateral coercive measures imposed On Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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