Prime Minister: Participation of Arab and foreign businessmen in DIF provides strong foundation for further economic cooperation

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis met several businessmen and industrialists from the Arab and friendly countries of Libya, Egypt, Yemen, the UAE, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Algeria and Sweden who are taking part in the 59th round of Damascus International Fair.

The meeting reviewed obstacles impeding trade exchange and means of enhancing work mechanisms between Syria and those countries like solving shipping problems between Syria and Iraq, activating the Syrian-Sudanese Businessmen Council, setting up regulations to facilitate the entry of foreign companies into Syrian markets, establishing a commercial office to encourage trade movement between Syria and Libya and finding solution to money transfer problem and opening borders between Syria and Jordan.

The businessmen and industrialists expressed their admiration of the great efforts exerted by the Syrian government to rerun the production wheel, enhance the production process and make this fair a success.

For his part, Khamis welcomed the wide participation of brotherly and friendly countries which provides a strong foundation for further enhancing economic relations and encouraging joint investment projects in Syria.

He underlined the government’s efforts to improve laws regulating the investment process including facilitations and incentives to develop production, reiterating Syria’s readiness to cooperate with all sides to encourage trade exchange and build a diversified economy.

The Premier hailed the steadfastness of public and private institutions and their works despite the terrorist war which destroyed the infrastructure and factories, rather they stood side by side to reduce terrorism repercussions and rebuild the country.

In a statement to journalists following the meeting, Head of the Sudanese businessmen delegation, Abu al-Qasem Ibrahim Adam expressed gratitude to the Syrian government for facilitations provided for Arab and foreign businessmen, calling upon all industrialists and businessmen to re-cooperate with Syria and benefit from privileges offered to them.

Other businessmen considered holding the Fair as a victory for Syria over all conspiracies, stressing the high quality, reputation and competitiveness of Syrian products.

They expressed happiness to join the Syrian people in celebrating the victory achieved over terrorism, indicating to the several investment and cooperation agreements signed which will contribute to further boosting economic and trade relations.



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