Lavrov: Paris call for a conference of countries backing “opposition” in Syria hinders any comprehensive Syrian-Syrian dialogue

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed that Paris call for holding a conference by the countries which support the “opposition” in Syria hinders the implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolutions which stipulate for holding a comprehensive Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the participation of all parties.

In a joint press conference with his Vietnamese counterpart in Moscow on Thursday, Lavrov said that holding such a conference will prevent achieving the basic goal which is starting a comprehensive Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the participation of the Government and all of the “opposition” groups.

At the same time, Lavrov stressed that his country is ready to support any initiative that aims at reaching “an agreement that would be accepted by all parties.”

He indicated that the Western countries are supporting the “opposition” groups by all possible means and directing false charges to the Syrian Government without depending on any information or evidence in a way that would hinder the implementation of the resolutions of the Syria Support Group “SSG” and the Security Council.

Lavrov called upon France to work according the resolutions which have been agreed upon by the international community for settling the crisis in Syria and to get away from the means of the “comprehensive war against the Syrian Government or the attempts to isolate it,” warning that it is not in the interest of France to face all these challenges.

On Wednesday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced that France will organize in the coming days a meeting of the Western and Arab countries which back what he called “moderate opposition” in Syria.


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