Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.. Syria condemns Kerry’s statements

Damascus, SANA, Syria condemned Wednesday the statements made by the US State Secretary John  Kerry at the Senate Yesterday where he talked about prolonging the crisis in Syria and the possibility of its partition.

A source at the Foreign and Expatriates ministry said in a statement to SANA that Syria condemns these statements which contradict the truth and serve misleading to hide his country’s responsibility for what Syria is exposed to from the crimes perpetrated by the terrorist groups.
The United States, with its regional allies and tools, shoulders the responsibility of starting and continuing the crisis in Syria through its continuous support of terrorism and not performing its role as a permanent member of the Security Council to enforce implementing the council’s terrorism-combating related resolutions particularly by the two sides of Saudi and Turkey, which form a reservoir for extremism in the region as well as the major basis for terrorism.

The source asserted that Syria and its people, who look forward for ending the current crisis as soon as possible and for the restoration of security and stability to the whole country which gave big numbers of martyrs in fighting the Takfiri terrorism, are more determined to defeat terrorism, preserve Syria’s territorial integrity, national sovereignty and its national independent decision.
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