Only Syrian people should determine the future of their country, Putin renews

Moscow, SANA- Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated that the Syrian people should decide their own country’s future.

Achieving stability and security in Syria and creating conditions for economic growth and prosperity, so that people can live in their own homes, in their homeland, rather than flee to Europe could not be reached unless the Syrian people themselves determine who will govern their country and how they should do that, President
Putin told Germany’s Bild newspaper in an interview published on Tuesday.

Russian President called for enhancing the legitimate authority in the countries of the
region, including Syria, pointing out the necessity of restructuring their governments, basing them on a new constitution.

on 17th December, Putin reiterated, in his annual press conference in Moscow, Russia’s firm, principled and unalterable stance towards the crisis in Syria, asserting that no substitute for the political solution in this country.

Putin accused the foreign interference in the crisis in Syria through the big flow of money, weapons and fighters as the reason of its continuity.

The Russian President wondered whether the Syrian government, which seeks maintaining its sovereignty and preventing the illegal works, could bear responsibility for the suffering of the innocent civilians or those who organize this armed acts against the government.

We do not want the Libyan or Iraqi scenario to be repeated in Syria, he said.

Putin described the west accusations against Russia over its airstrikes in Syria, claiming that they only targeting the Syrian opposition instead of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization, as They are telling lies.

Look, the videos that support this version appeared before our pilots even started to carry out strikes against terrorists. Despite the existence of evidence showing the facts on the ground, Russia’s critics prefer to ignore it, Putin went on to say.

Slamming the western media outlets as always circulating false news on the Russian pilots targeting civilian positions, the Russian President said If we tag the ‘live pipelines’ that consist of thousands of petrol and oil tankers as civilian targets, then, indeed, one might believe that our pilots are bombing these targets, but everyone is
bombing them, including the Americans, the French and everyone else.

H. Zain/ Barry

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