Solidarity Day with Palestinian people celebrated in Damascus

Damascus, SANA, Al-Quds International Organization/ Syria held Tuesday a forum marking the International Day for solidarity with Palestinian people under the title ” Intifada till Victory” at the National Museum in Damascus.

The organization’s Chairwoman of Board of Trustees, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said in a word addressing the forum that all Arab historians, intellectuals and jurists have to exert efforts to document the criminal acts of Zionism, while media men have to deliver this voice to the international public opinion.
Shaaban said that media war is an important war for self-determination, noting that the tragedy is that more than 80 % of the Arab Media are owned by those who had proven to be real supports of Zionism against Arabs.

Shaaban pointed out that it became clear that the gangs that call themselves Islamic are mere takfiri gangs whose aim is to distort the image of Islam and Arabs in the minds of the public opinion and they today are repeating the same crimes committed by the Zionist Stern and Haganah gangs in Palestine over a hundred years.

“We are witnessing a day in which new chapter of history is being written, a chapter different from the one that we have lived since we were born”, Shaaban said.

Shaaban said Russia discovered that Erdogan’s government is engaged in financing and smuggling petroleum in addition to financing criminal Takfiri gangs in Syria and Iraq, noting that David Felez, Head of researchers at Columbia University in the United States, had published a research that proved the relationship between the Turkish government and ISIS terrorist organization and petroleum and arms trade between ISIS and Turkey, stressing that the crime of shooting down the Russian plane and killing the pilot is a proof that Erdogan is growing fool and impatient as things began to be obvious.

Shaaban said history will prove that Turkey and Erdogan’s government are the ones who led the aggression against Syria, supported by regional and other countries.

Shaaban saluted all martyrs in occupied Palestine, noting that the basic aim of Zionism is to separate tracks, adding “Today we are all one and we must survive together.

In turn, Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi said that the Palestinian cause is the core of the region’s causes, pointing out that its is a pan Arab cause before being a Muslim or a Christian one.

The Minister added that the Palestinian intifada is a proof that the Palestinian identity and sanctity are out of question and debate .. and we live the Palestinian obsession in our everyday life.

“The terrorist war launched against Syria is because of its stance in support and defense of the Palestinian cause and defending it.. and we are proud to pay prices for our stances”, the minister confirmed.

For their part, the participants said it is a shame that Zionist media outlets are bragging that the Palestine Cause is now a low-priority issue at the Arab media, stressing that the recent acts of the Zionist Entity in al-Quds are undermining the international peace and security.

They said that all terrorist groups neglect the Palestinian Cause and they call for Jihad only among the Muslims.

They highlighted that the conspiracy in Palestine is part of the plot against Syria and the terrorist organizations in Syria have strong ties with the Zionist Entity.

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