Update1- French delegation meets Mufti Hassoun and Tourism Minister

Damascus, SANA – A French delegation of parliamentarians, journalists, intellectuals and  businessmen Headed by member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Foreign Affairs at the National  Assembly Thierry Mariani, met officials in an expression of the French people’s interest  to know the reality of events taking place in Syria.

The delegation, which arrived Wednesday, met in the evening with Grand Mufti of the  Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun and Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi.

During the meeting with the Grand Mufti, Mariani said that the visit comes in the framework of the French people’s interest in getting to know the situation of all the Syrian sects.

Mariani indicated that they tried to form a delegation not limited to politicians only because there are historical relations that bind his country with Syria and Lebanon, which are declining now because of some policies, adding “we all share hope that peace be brought to Syria soon,”.

Upon their arrival to Damascus, Chairman of the delegation told journalists “The delegation’s visit comes to inspect the situation in Syria, particularly the status of Christians in the region and the international stances towards the current state in the country.”


For his part, Mufti Hassoun stressed that the Syrian people are resilient and determined to beat terrorism, which is targeting the diversity of the Syrian society, its tolerant mentality and the national unity among its individuals, adding that Syrians are defending the entity of their country, its independence and sovereignty.

Policies of some French governments led to minimizing the French presence in the region to an extent of complete absence from the scene, Mufti stressed.

Mufti Hassoun called upon the delegation to deliver the right image of what is taking place in Syria to the French people, which is quite different from what the misleading media outlets have been promoting for, warning of the danger of some Western countries’ fostering extremist ideology.

“Victory hints appear, with Army breaking the siege of Kweiris Airport, emphasize that the Syrian people support the army and leadership until terrorism is eradicated,” the Mufti added.

In the similar context, Minister of Tourism briefed the French delegation on the devastation that hits the tourist and archeological sites due to the terrorist attacks amidst international incapability.

Tourism Minister

Minister Yazigi clarified that the visits paid by delegations from different countries to check the reality of the events in Syria express the real will of breaking the delusive barrier depicted by their government.

The meeting was attended by Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sousan.

R. Milhem / Barry

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